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Clémence Poésy photographed for Vogue UK, March 2014

The idea of not having any control over what you’re doing is terrifying. I was never very rebellious. The one and only bad thing I’ve done is have a super-heroes party when I was 16.

Would you say that you are a badass in real life?
You always take a little bit from a character after you’ve played it. A lot of the research that I did finding Thranduil was just going to the woods and going on long hikes. I went on a bunch of big, long hikes in New Zealand. I’m a pretty gentle person, so I don’t really have much of a thing of being a badass!


"Acting’s hard. If you’re trying to do it properly, it makes you vulnerable. When you’re an actor you have to confront your true feelings every single day. And that’s pretty exhausting. Then you have to go home and make dinner.”

-Kate Winslet

All I ever remember wanting to do, as a kid, was act - nothing else.

In fact, about the only thing, other than acting, that I’d like to do is go live in the woods, build a log cabin at the top of a hill and try and hide away from the modern world. 

-Lee Pace


Helen as she appeared in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Donmar Warehouse, Convent Garden, October 2002.

I’m very independent, creatively, always trying to push myself - and I think that comes from my mother.