I find it really hard to analyze what I do or to really understand it. I started when I was young, so the way that I work usually is just based on instinct and kind of whatever comes out naturally. I think that the only way I could make sense out of it, and the only way I’ve been able to describe it to other younger people, usually is that: it’s kind of like child’s play, as in the imagination that a child has to completely transform themselves into something else.

I keep making stories for you
Filled with all the things I think you’ld like to see
All the things I think you’ld like to hear
As you find your might
Am I getting all the right ones
Am I choosing right 

I like to get far away from myself when I’m acting.




Sigourney Weaver photographed by Helmut Newton

Holy fuck

…. lizzie


Cher photographed by Bob Willoughby, 1978.

If you read a great book, or see a really good film, they can change the way you view things. It’s the quality of the things you invest in that’ll add to who you are.


Patricia Clarkson by Mark Abrahams

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Clémence Poésy photographed for Vogue UK, March 2014