Patti Smith outside CBGB photographed by Godlis, 1976

Anna Karenina + my emotions (requested by marlenedietriched)

If you want to make a living from books, it helps to be good-looking, with rock-star cool and an intriguing back story. The American novelist Donna Tartt qualifies on all counts… - The New Statesman

[ … ] someone - quite clearly visually impaired - told me that I looked like Anna Karina and I never needed another compliment ever again the end. (x)

I find it really hard to analyze what I do or to really understand it. I started when I was young, so the way that I work usually is just based on instinct and kind of whatever comes out naturally. I think that the only way I could make sense out of it, and the only way I’ve been able to describe it to other younger people, usually is that: it’s kind of like child’s play, as in the imagination that a child has to completely transform themselves into something else.

I keep making stories for you
Filled with all the things I think you’ld like to see
All the things I think you’ld like to hear
As you find your might
Am I getting all the right ones
Am I choosing right 

I like to get far away from myself when I’m acting.




Sigourney Weaver photographed by Helmut Newton

Holy fuck

…. lizzie


Cher photographed by Bob Willoughby, 1978.