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"Kick it with the youngins"…non

Isn’t that the hip lingo all the cool cats are using these days? Get with it, yo!

Anonymous asked: I'm 17 but I turn 18 in November! I'd like to think that I'm mature for my age but then I lie on the floor devouring blueberries and watching disney channel and slowly doubt myself haha!

Well, then a very merry unbirthday to you! I think it’s important to have a balance - there are certainly times to be serious, but life’s a catastrophe, so might as well do the things that bring us joy. And tbh I’ve spent a few recent morning with a pint of raspberries and an America’s Next Top Model marathon… 

Orphan Black: Siobhan Sadler + tea
"I’ve got biscuits in my pockets."

Anonymous asked: How old are you? (Sorry if this seems weird I just think that from your blog you seem cool but also way more mature than me oops)

I am twenty-two (and a half), and not that I put much stock in it, but every quiz I’ve taken on Facebook guesses I’m at least 40, if not 50. Though I do hope the fact that I count half-birthdays and do FB quizzes proves that I can kick it with the youngins. 

Walkin' After Miidnight
Patsy Cline
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Patsy Cline — Walkin’ after Midnight - 1957

narcissamalfoy asked: you should do the top ten fave characters thing just because it'd be hilarious to see all of us scrambling to find all the redheads you love

Oh gosh, I listed them out for Jackie and I fear that she’s the only person who would get all of them because half of them are literary characters/ characters I don’t really blog about… But four are redheads! :) 

Anonymous asked: yay you like Maria Doyle Kennedy! She's so great! Also she's Irish and I'm Irish so that's pretty cool

Aw, yes! I think Maria Doyle Kennedy is absolutely magical! And while I’ve always had a fondness for Irish culture, she’s made me appreciate it more! Thank for your sweet message, Anon!


"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" follow you around and whisper "the love song of j alfred prufrock" in your ear when you go on dates

Lucius in Rainbow (for theladyofriverrun)


blackberry goat cheese tart.


outfest film festival