—that woman’s a troublemaker, Sassenach; a gossip and a scold, if not the witch folk say she is—

Bad Girls
Donna Summer · Bad Girls
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Maria Doyle Kennedy at Hook Head Lighthouse (x)


honey cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and caramelized figs.

Gregory’s Two Girls is the best worst thing Maria Doyle Kennedy has ever done. 

Five Things That Make You Happy

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Acting in all forms; some of my happiest moments have been on the walk home after a really good rehearsal. Nothing quite compares to the freedom and release of getting lost in a character and discovering something new about them. But I also love watching other people act. Watching MDK today being a super sexual and persistent wee Scottish music teacher had me in stitches, and the scene in Last Tango in Halifax where Gillian realises the staff at the inn think she and Caroline are a couple makes me grin like an eejit. Even darker stuff provides catharsis. 

Cooking for others; I definitely eat to live (not live to eat). It’s not that I don’t like food, but I find it so much more satisfying to cook/bake good food for other people. (Plus, who knows the proportions for cooking for one?! Cooking for 25 is so much easier!) Baking is definitely my preference. It’s harder to mess up something when sugar’s involved. Plus, people tend to think of it more as a treat. 

Walking around cities alone; I love having the freedom to walk wherever I want and without feeling like a tourist. Even though I rarely know the answer, I love when people ask me for directions. 

Intimate sit-down concerts; I mean, I understand the appeal of huge dance party concerts, but it’s gotta be the right band. And I like that music festivals introduce you to new music, but sit-down concerts are my favourite. The audience is comfortable, the music isn’t too loud, and everyone is plugged into the same experience. 

Family; I firmly believe that friends are the family you choose for yourself. It doesn’t matter what we do do, but spending time with the people I care about one on one or in small groups is definitely the thing that makes me happiest.   

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My friend yesterday was like “You have a really interesting style. It’s like a mixture between Johnny Depp and Ellen Degeneres.” I’m like pirate chic.

Orphan Black in Red


❝ Since I met you, I feel like I can see the operating system of the world- and it is unrequited love. That is why everyone’s doing everything. Every book, opera house, moon shot and manifesto is here because someone, somewhere, lit up silent when someone else came into the room, and then quietly burned when they didn’t notice them. ❞
—   Caitlin Moran, How to Build a Girl (via funnyfacejmo)   —



I stole my brother’s laptop and everything to film this wow. Since I’m too lazy/incompetent to edit here are the whole ridiculous twenty-five minutes of me rambling, staring into the middle distance, and saying “um” a million times, trigger warning for mental illnesses, food, drink.

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… yes. Yes, I did.